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The Advantages To Earning an Online Business Degree

A business degree is one of the most versatile and most frequently sought degree programs available within traditional, brick and mortar colleges as well as online degree programs. A 2006-07 study done by the National Center for Education Statistics revealed that approximately 22 percent of the 1.5 million Bachelor degrees awarded were in the business discipline. Most universities and colleges recognize the increasing popularity of business degrees and have developed innovative curricula based upon the latest advances in the field. Colleges and universities also have recognized the need for online degree programs and offer nearly the same educational opportunities, instruction, and materials as traditional, on campus courses. Students with job or family responsibilities, or those who are introverted or shy, often find pursuing an online business degree one of the best ways to achieve educational and career goals. Most online courses consist of 25 students who receive online instruction, seminars, and one on one conversations with instructors and other students via live chat.

What Online Business Students Learn Through Online Degree Programs

Online business degree programs offer virtually the same instruction as traditional, on campus programs. All business programs instill the knowledge necessary to operate any organization while maximizing efficiency and productivity. Students pursuing business degrees are provided basic information regarding management, ethics, accounting, finance, and social responsibility in addition to any chosen areas of specialization, ranging from administration, “green” companies, and sustainability management. Graduates from business degree programs often gain knowledge of every aspect of business.

Most Popular Majors Within The Field of Business

The most popular majors within the field of business include: finance, marketing, management and administration. Finance majors plan and determine how an organization raise, spend, and invest capital, allocate funds, determine investment options, manage financial risks, and research financial markets. Marketing majors build the brand and image of a business and facilitate relations between the business and its customers while building the infrastructure of an organization, increasing team coordination, and ensuring efficient operations of a business.

Most Popular Jobs For Business Graduates

As a business degree is tremendously flexible, graduates can attain with many jobs available in nearly every industry. As every school, health care facility, non-profit organization, and business requires skilled employees, many business graduates find employment within every industry. Most business majors find careers in management of various businesses depending upon area of specialty. These individuals perform supervisory responsibilities, handle payroll, and develop plans for all departments within a company. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree, combined with work experience, often allows entry level employment in management, marketing, and other fields of business. Graduates with a business degree often work as administrative services managers, financial managers, human resource specialists, labor relation managers, industrial production managers, or advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers. Some graduates find employment as top executives within various businesses or organization upon gaining necessary skills and experience.

Prospective Jobs For Business Graduates

The business sector within the United States is expected to increase by 23.3. percent within the next five years, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This expected increase could potentially add over 4.1 million jobs for business graduates. Local and international organizations are expected to grow in relation to the increase of jobs in the business sector. Employment opportunities are predicted to be excellent for graduates who enter the corporate world as businesses expand and globalize. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20.3 percent increase in employment services like administrative duties, customer support, and waste management by 2018.

Salary Range For Graduates With Business Degrees

Graduates who complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business often find lucrative and rewarding careers. Salaries for graduates with business degrees are dependent upon factors like size of employer, geographic location, area of expertise, years of work experience, and education level greatly affect the salary of business graduates. Based upon data based on a 2008 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most business degree graduates can anticipate earning at least $37,430 annually though those working for larger companies or those living in metropolitan areas earn the highest wages. Median wages are typically between $52,240 and $98,980. The highest salaries allow graduates to earn $129,770.

Career Advancement For Graduates With Business Degrees

Upon gaining employment, experience, and the ability to demonstrate leadership skills and knowledge, many business degree graduates advance within companies. Depending upon the specific practices and size of the organization of employment, many individuals may gain promotions, advances, and other incentives for their contributions to their employer. Continuing education is often a key component to advancement and many business professionals complete training, certification programs, or advance their degrees to broaden knowledge and skills necessary for future success. Some employers reimburse students for the cost of courses and certification programs by paying for some or all of the expense of continuing education. Additionally, employers often require employees to attend seminars, local training programs, or national workshops hosted by industry professions in cooperation with some colleges or universities to allow workers to expand knowledge and skills. Experienced, well trained business professionals are often promoted to upper level management positions, given additional job responsibilities, or transferred to closely related positions within the organization of employment. Some business degree graduates, upon attaining extensive amounts of experience and earning funding, may advance to open their own businesses.

Types of Business Degrees

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