Marketing Degrees

Advantages To Earning An Online Marketing Degree

A marketing degree provides a solid educational basis for a successful career in the business industry. A marketing degree provides the tools individuals need to develop innovative ways to research, design, and maintain means of targeting the consumer market while promoting a business’ products or services. Many colleges and universities have developed online marketing programs to meet the demands of students with job or family responsibilities which make attending on campus instruction difficult. Attaining a marketing degree through online programs is one of the best ways to meet personal, educational, or professional goals. Most online degree programs consist of 25 students who receive nearly the same materials, instruction, and experiences as their traditional, on-campus counterparts – with an added flexibility of course scheduling. Online degree programs also provide students with 24 hour access to course materials and one on one internet chats with instructors and other students, providing a great opportunity for individuals to advance goals and educational opportunities.

What Students Learn Within An Online Marketing Degree Program

As the business industry expands with technology and globalization, a marketing degree is a vital component for future career success. An online marketing degree provides individuals with the ability to become qualified professionals with a broad understanding of the marketing industry. Online marketing degree programs at a bachelor level cover all aspects of business, with courses in: microeconomics, business statistics, accounting, finance, management, consumer relations, business law, commercial law, macroeconomics, and computer applications. Specialized courses in market research methods, marketing communications, marketing people and organizations, marketing decision analysis, global marketing, sales, business to business marketing, advertising, and marketing strategies, planning, and implementation allow students to gain skills necessary to perform the technical and creative aspects as marketing professionals.

Graduates who attain a bachelor degree may advance to employment or graduate degrees. A master degree program includes courses in: market and customer analysis, integrated and digital marketing, market segmentation and positioning, database management and modeling, internal organization strategies, media metrics, creative appeals, media planning and buying, finance for marketing decisions, digital marketing, competitive strategy, branding and advertising, copywriting and marketing, internal marketing, and campaign strategy, planning, and execution.

Prospective Jobs For Graduates With A Marketing Degree

Graduates who complete a marketing degree provides graduates with a flexible educational background essential for lucrative careers in the business industry. Graduates with marketing degrees gain the skills necessary to research and identify potential customers, develop and price products and services, analysis international markets, and develop strategies to retain current customers or attract new customers. Most graduates find entry level jobs within businesses as market researchers, product managers, e-commerce, e-marketers, business marketers, sales representatives, advertising representatives, marketing managers, or public relations specialists.

As with most occupations, advanced degrees or gaining related work experience provides graduates with increase job prospects and knowledge necessary to earn greater responsibilities, promotions, or salaries. Most master degree marketing graduates gain employment as: marketing representatives, proposal development managers, brand managers, marketing managers, marketing and sales coordinators, account executives, client development managers, media analysts, marketing researchers, advertising managers, or consultants within their own companies. Students who complete a graduate program in marketing are qualified for upper level executive positions or may advance to doctoral degree programs to work as professors or researchers within universities and colleges. Some marketing graduates begin self operated consulting businesses upon gaining adequate funding and experience,

Salary Range For Graduates With Marketing Degrees

Earnings for graduates with marketing degrees vary significantly and are based upon geographic location, organization of employment, educational background, and work related experience. The field of marketing is highly competitive and is expected to expand in relation to economic factors and business growth. Graduates with lesser degrees may find employment within various businesses, corporations, and agencies with entry level, median earnings ranging from $43,325 to $54,560 annually per reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Experienced graduates with advanced degrees who hold managerial or upper level executive positions may earn salaries higher than six figures annually. Salaries for marketing graduates who begin their own businesses vary significantly due to factors like client base, location, and field of specialty.

Career Outlook And Advancement Opportunities For Marketing Degree Graduates

The field of marketing provides lucrative, stable careers for qualified graduates with the motivation to succeed. Marketing professionals are a vital component within any organization and generally do not face the risks involved with downsizing or outsourcing. Employment in the field of marketing is highly competitive as the industry is predicted to grow at an average rate in comparison to other occupations. Graduates who specialize training and work within large businesses may propel their career goals by gaining related work experience, attracting promotions, or advancing to higher degrees. Marketing degree graduates have a large range of potential career paths to choose as the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects growth in advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales sectors of the business industry with a 13% increase of jobs through 2018. Marketing graduates have a large range of potential career paths to choose with many incentives and opportunities for advancement.

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