Retail Management Degrees

Advantages to Earning An Online Retail Management Degree

A retail management degree offers individuals with an interest in retail the opportunity to advance personal and career goals. A degree in retail management provides students with knowledge necessary to maintain the daily operations of a retail business. Students learn the marketing, management, human resources, communications, finances, and customer service aspects necessary to organize and maintain a business.

Many colleges and universities offer a degree in retail management via online programs which allow students to maintain present job or family responsibilities and propel their personal, educational, and career goals. Students enrolled in an online retail management degree program receive nearly the same educational experience as students who attend on-campus classes. Online retail management degree students consist of 25 student courses which provide the same materials, seminars, and instruction as their traditional, brick and mortar counterparts with the added benefit of more flexible class schedules, one on one chats with instructors and other students, and 24 hour access to course materials.

What Students Learn Within an Online Retail Management Degree Program

Students who participate in an online retail management degree program gain the skills necessary for future success. As businesses expand and technology advances, many colleges offer innovative curricula to assist students in becoming qualified professionals in the field of retail management. Online retail management degree programs offer students knowledge pertaining to many aspects of managing, organizing, and operating a business, agency, or organization in the retail industry. Online retail management degree programs offer undergraduate students the fundamental principles of the retail industry combined with business management, marketing, and financial training needed to operate and assure the success of a retail business. Students participate in courses like: accounting, product brand management, business communication, visual merchandising, principles of economics, strategic and organizational management skills, organizational ethics, general operational management, management theories and practice, buyer behavior, business information systems, marketing, finance for business, and retail personnel management.

Graduates from a bachelor degree program in retail management may advance to employment or higher degree programs. Students enrolled in a graduate level, online retail management degree program participate in courses like: retail theory, consumer behavior, methods of research in retail merchandising, product design and development, business communications, cost control, historical issues in trade, financial management, consumer behavior, retail research and issues, ethics, law and the business environment, risk and quality management, strategic management, financial accounting and control, advanced marketing, human resources management, retail purchasing, and operations, logistics, and supply chain management.

Prospective Jobs For Graduates With An Online Retail Management Degree

As businesses globalize and technology expands, the retail industry is one of the largest, highly competitive, fast growing industries per reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Graduates who complete an online retail management degree program may find many opportunities for employment though must prepare for a highly competitive job market. Prospective jobs for graduates of a retail management degree program are affected by factors like: geographic location, skill level, degrees obtained, area/s of specialization, and work experiences. Graduates who obtain an undergraduate degree often find jobs as managers within retail stores, sales managers, retail sales supervisors, sales representatives, or operations managers.

As with most occupations, graduates who gain work experience or advanced degrees may find an increase in job prospects and earn greater responsibilities, promotions, or salaries in relation to knowledge and training. Graduates who obtain retail management degrees at a master’s level often gain employment as sales managers, financial services salesperson, advertising salespersons, production managers, direct marketers, distribution managers, buying or purchasing agents, visual merchandisers, or corporate, regional, or store managers. Many retail management degree graduates work as independent consultants upon gaining education, work experience, and funds necessary to start, maintain, and operate self owned businesses. Some graduates may advance to doctoral degrees and work as researchers or professors within colleges or universities.

Salary Range For Graduates With An Online Retail Management Degree

Earnings for graduates with retail management degrees are based upon geographic location, organization of employment, related work experience, performance incentives or commissions, and educational background. As the economy recovers and businesses expand, the demand for qualified retail management degree graduates is expected to increase. Graduates with a bachelor degree who hold supervisory or managerial retail sales positions have salaries ranging from $27,520 to $46,450 annually per reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). The BLS predicts jbs for qualified retails sales supervisors to increase five percent during 2008 through 2018. Sales managers, operations managers, and graduates with advanced degrees combined with work experience had earnings ranging from $51,380 to $98,080 annually per the BLS. Job growth for sales managers are predicted to increase by 15% from 2008 through 2018 per the BLS.

Career Outlook and Advancement Opportunities For Graduates With An Online Retail Management Degree

Graduates with an online retail management degree are vital workers within most business or corporations as the retail industry expands with the economy and technology. The U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that due to economic factors, jobs in the retail sector are expected to grow more slowly than other occupations. Competition for graduates with an online retail management degree is expected to be high due to a limited number of job openings. Graduates with the combination of work experience, specialized training, and solid educational backgrounds are predicted to have the best employment opportunities. Graduates may expect to find the best employment opportunities in professional, scientific, and technical services industries. Graduates with retail management degrees may advance their careers to by working their way up from supervisory to higher management jobs or attaining higher degrees.

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