Top 10 Online Colleges For Business Administration Degree Programs

The demand for professional employees with formal training in business administration is expected to increase significantly within the United States. As the United States’ economy recovers, individuals with an associates, bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree in business administration have an increased opportunity for employment options within many sectors. Additionally, individuals with business administration degrees may advance through promotions within the organization of employment or even begin their own businesses. As obtaining a degree within a traditional brick and mortar college while managing work or family responsibilities is difficult, many online degree programs offer students the opportunity to advance their educational and employment goals all from the comforts of home.

Jobs within the business sector are expected to be competitive and individuals who improve their skills through online business administration programs often create solid foundations for long term careers. As most businesses tend to select candidates with formal training and/or work experience, many individuals choose online learning programs offered by the best accredited universities to expand their education while working to facilitate a far range of career possibilities. Though choosing an online business administration program is often difficult, students must select programs which meet their needs and preferences. To assist in the selection process, we’ve comprised a list of the best accredited universities offering reputable and marketable online business administration programs. The following list of the top business administration colleges offers students many options to expand training for far ranging career possibilities within the business administration field:

Top Online Business Administration Programs

1. University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts (also known as U Mass) is a land grant and public research university located within Amherst, Massachusetts. Founded under the federal Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act during 1863 as the Massachusetts Agricultural College, the college offered instruction to individuals in “agricultural, mechanical, and military arts” and enrolled its first students in 1867. During that year, William S. Clark became the President of the college as well as professor of botany. Clark completed construction, appointed faculty, and welcomed the first 50 students to the college. Since then, U Mass has grown to the largest public university located within New England and in 1971 offered The University Without Walls, one of the first adult bachelor degree completion programs within the U.S. U Mass has expanded enrollment to over 27,000 students with over 1,174 faculty members, offering some of the best on campus and online degree programs since founding. U Mass presently offers 86 undergraduate and 72 graduate programs, and awards students within business administration bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral degrees. U Mass’s Isenberg School is a highly regarded business school accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the international gold standard for business school accreditation. U Mass’s Isenberg school offers a distinct online bachelor of business administration degree program for students with job, family, or other responsibilities which impede participation in on campus learning experiences. Majors include: finance and operations management, management, or marketing and include management communications, business information systems, professional ethics in contemporary society, and business policy and strategy. U Mass’s online business administration program requires all students to have completed 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university. U Mass allows online students the unique opportunity to cultivate analytical skills, quantitative analysis, and writing and communication skills with one of the very online best learning experience available.

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2. Kaplan University

Kaplan University, originally founded as the American Institute of Commerce in 1937, was one of the first for profit, open admission institutions for higher learning. Shortly after founding, the university became Quest College and expanded it’s programs with multiple degree offerings. In 2004, Kaplan was purchased by the Davenport, Iowa, based Kaplan University and moved it’s main campus to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, Kaplan has grown to offer over 66,000 students courses offered by 3,600 licensed instructors from 10 on campus locations within Iowa, Nebraska, and Maryland, as well as online degree programs. Kaplan offers students with an interest in business administration one of the best online degree programs available to students whose job or family responsibilities prevent on campus learning. Kaplan University’s online bachelor of science in business administration affords students with a detailed, highly specified training program geared upon group and individual studies. Courses allow online students to gain marketing, human resources, operations, finance, and accounting concepts through courses like: microeconomics, business math, management, finance, marketing, managerial accounting, organizational behavior, management policy and strategy, accounting, human resource management, small business management, ethics and the legal environment, business law, business process management, operations management, managerial economics, corporate finance, macroeconomics, global business, marketing research, and marketing management. Kaplan students enrolled in online business administration courses must meet weekly course assignments, complete live seminars, and attend live seminars, audio lectures, and Power Point presentations to assure one of the best online programs. Kaplan is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the north central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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4. University of Phoenix

Founded by John Sperling in Phoenix, Arizona during 1976, the University of Phoenix was created as a for profit institute for higher learning. Sperling recognized that “working adult students were often invisible on traditional campuses and treated as second class citizens” and began the university with just 8 students. Within two years, the University quickly expanded and opened a second campus within San Jose, California. During 1989, the university offered its first online programs and had acquired over 200 campuses worldwide, offering more than 100 programs awarding associate’s, bachelor’s master’s, and doctoral degrees. Presently the University has over 420,700 undergraduate students, 78,000 graduate students, and 224,880 full time students enrolled – making it the second largest student body within North America. Due to it’s open enrollment admission policy, the University requires students to obtain only a high school diploma or GED before acceptance. The University also allows advanced placement opportunities for associate or bachelor degree applicants who meet qualifications regarding previous coursework, previous learning assessment, previous experiential learning essays, work related training, and any pertaining or licenses or certificates. The University offers one of the best online business administration programs for students without access to on campus classes. Courses like: ethics in management, foundations of research, organizational psychology, communicating in the virtual workplace, critical thinking strategies in decision making, communicating in the virtual workplace, human motivation, team dynamics for managers, human factors in technology, and financial analysis for managers, help students attain educational and career goals.

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5. Drexel University

Anthony J. Drexel, a renowned philanthropist and financier, founded the Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry during 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drexel created the privately owned campus to offer “practical arts and sciences” for coeducational studies. During 1919, Drexel introduced a cooperative education program focused upon combined classroom studies and work experiences, as well as the commitment to providing students with the opportunity for future success. In 1936, Drexel University assumed the name of the Drexel Institute of Technology. During 1970 the Institute was given university status and became Drexel University. Drexel quickly gained world wide recognition for instilling one of the best Cooperative (Co-op) educational programs within the United States and distinguished as one of the best private higher educational facilities. Drexel’s Co-op program is one of the only mandatory programs which allow students to gain 18 months of full time, on the job work experience within one of 1,600 non-profit, corporate, or governmental employers involved in the university’s network extending through 28 states and 25 international regions. Drexel has since grown to presently offer 70 full time undergraduate programs, several part time programs, many accelerated degree programs, and over 100 masters, doctoral, and professional programs. During 1996, Drexel offered its first online degree programs to offer working students the opportunity to gain access education necessary to promote their career goals. During 2002, the university established the Drexel Online educational program. Drexel University Online is a separate corporation from Drexel yet offers some of the best, award winning online programs accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Drexel Online was bestowed the Sloan-C award in 2010 for its excellence and “demonstrably high quality” online programs. Drexel Online has an enrollment of 8,000 students and offers 90 certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Drexel Online offers students with an interest in pursuing an online bachelor of science degree in business administration one of the very best opportunities to meet their goals through specialized, award winning training. Courses include: financial accounting foundations, managerial accounting foundations, business law, foundations for business, principles of microeconomics, principles of macroeconomics, introduction to finance, international business, introduction to entrepreneurship, strategy and competitive advantage, management information systems, introduction to marketing management, operations management, organizational behavior, and introduction to business statistics. Drexel Online’s business administration program delivers a standard of excellence designed to build knowledge of all aspects of business, economics, social, and legal systems within an AACSB International accredited program.

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6. Washington State University

Washington State University (WSU) was founded as a public research university by the Washington Legislature during 1890 within Pullman, Washington. Originally identified as Washington Agricultural College and School of Science, it was one of several land grant colleges created by the 1862 federal Morrill Act endorsed by President Abraham Lincoln allowing 90,000 acres of federal lands to be used for agricultural colleges and 100,000 acres of land to be used for schools of science. The college official opened it’s doors within two years of founding and during 1893, WSU’s first influential president, Enoch A. Bryan, was appointed. Bryan instilled policies to gain respectability while steering the college away from organizational instability. The launch of WSU’s first Agricultural Experiment Station gained statewide recognition and lead to future research facilities within many regions of Washington, as well as in Prosser, Mount Vernon, and Wenatchee. During 1897, WSU’s first graduates, 7 male and female students, completed their studies and WSU quickly expanded with its School of Veterinary Science during 1899. WSU began offering graduate education in the form of awarding master of science degrees in Botany beginning in 1902. In 1905, the college changed it’s name to State College of Washington. and within four years, the first Doctor of Veterinary Science degree was awarded. By 1916, WSU’s veterinary school was recognized as a college. WSU was organized into five colleges and four schools within one year and during 1922, WSU created it’s first graduate school. The first PhD degree in bacteriology was awarded during 1929 and WSU quickly grew to offer more than 200 bachelor’s, master’s, professional, and doctoral degrees. WSU has been listen as one of the top ten universities within the US, and is world renown for it’s “very high research activity” within chemical engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture, animal science, food science, plant science, architecture, neuroscience, criminal justice and communications, atmospheric chemistry, biological chemistry, shock physics, sleep research and wood materials research. By 1989, WSU had founded branch campuses named WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver offering bachelor or master’s degrees. During 2007 WSU launched an international study options via WSU Online (originally known as the Distance Degree Programs). WSU’s branches currently enroll over 25,900 students and maintain the highest enrollment of international students within online degree programs. Students who have family or job responsibilities may advance career and educational goals in business administration through WSU Online’s great programs. Courses include: law and legal environment of business, introduction to financial accounting, introduction to managerial accounting, statistics, mathematics for business and economics, fundamentals of microeconomics, fundamentals of macroeconomics, managing information technology, principles of management and organization, financial management, operations management, marketing, business strategy and policy, leadership skills for managers, personnel and human resources management, comparative international management, compensation administration, business ethics, and entrepreneurial management.

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7. Strayer University

Strayer University, originally known as Strayer College of Baltimore, Maryland, is a for profit, private institute for higher education. Strayer University, formerly Strayer College of Baltimore, Maryland, is a private, for-profit educational institution. Founded by S. Irving Stayer in 1892 as Strayer’s Business College, the school became identified as Strayer College upon receiving licensure to award bachelor’s degrees. Developed to specialize higher education for adults with employment while advancing their careers. The college gradually expanded to presently include degree and certificate programs in accounting, business, criminal justice, economics, information systems, management, public administration, health services administration, and education. During 1987, the college was granted permission to award master’s degrees and expanded graduate. During 1996, Strayer Education, Inc., an organization with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, assumed ownership of the college to allow capital expansion and open access to the public. That same year Strayer increased access to international students and those unable to attend on campus studies by launching online degree programs. During 1998, Strayer gained university status and expanded to over 90 campuses within Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, and Wisconsin. By expanding student access, Strayer has become well known for providing excellent classroom and online experience necessary for future success. Strayer’s online experience is led by a team of professionals and offers the same high academic standards as on campus programs. Strayer’s online programs are great for those who need the convenience of scheduling around job or family responsibilities. Strayer is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher education and offers some of the best degree options for students pursuing educational and career goals. Strayer’s bachelor of business administration online degree program offers students one of the best educational experiences to improve all aspects of business knowledge and training necessary for future success. Courses allow students to specialize training in various area concentrations in management, entreprenuership, or acquisition and contract management. Courses include: contract administration and management, contract and purchasing negotiation techniques, project management, procurement and contract law, introduction to business, management concepts, business ethics, human resource management, principles of finance, principles of marketing, business law, legal, social, and ethical issues in E-commerce, technology and innovation in entrepreneurship, management and growth in entrepreneurship, and other core courses designed to expand an individual’s knowledge of all aspects of business.

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8. Post University

Post University was founded originally as Post College during 1890 within Waterbury, Connecticut. Post is a private for profit institute for higher learning and is a distinguished educational facility. During 1896, Post developed its first business school, later identified as Post University’s Waterbury Business College. Post, since founding, has offered students, particularly those with family or job responsibilities, the opportunity to increase educational opportunities to compete and advance in their present careers. Additionally, Post has continually offered a variety of day, evening, and online courses and has three branches located within Meriden, Danbury, and Norwalk. During 1980, Post awarded its first bachelor degrees and expanded its degree programs. Post offers a variety of associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees for students seeking careers in equine management, accounting, business administration, business management, human services, and legal studies. Post also offers bachelor degrees in accounting, business administration, biology, criminal justice, computer information systems, environmental science, equine management, finance, early childhood education, legal studies, psychology, human services, and sociology. Post offers master degree programs in corporate innovation or entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, leadership, and human services. Beginning in 1990, Post became affiliated with Teikyo University based in Tokyo, during which the university was renamed Teikyo Post University. The affiliation ended during 2004 and the institute changed its name to Post University. After a large on and off campus expansion, Post became owned by Generation Partners, an organization with headquarters based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and instilled its first online degree programs delivering a standard of excellence equal to an on campus experience. During 2006, Post awarded its first master degree programs and created a Cooperative Education Program to allow combined work experience and classroom training to students. Post’s online degree program has one of the largest online student enrollments within Connecticut and extending throughout the United States and internationally. Post’s online degree programs are accredited by The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education and are a great choice for individuals seeking career and educational advancement for those seeking a degree in business administration. Courses include: managerial communications, financial accounting, macroeconomics, principles of management principles of marketing, principles of finance, managerial accounting, principles of international business, microeconomics, business law, business policy seminar, quantitative analysis, human resource management, organizational behavior, and organizational theory and development.

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9. Huntington University

Huntington University, originally named Central College, was founded in 1897 as a private institute by three entrepreneurs, including Reverend Milton Wright, a United Brethren minister and father of Orville and Wilbur Wright (the first aviationists.) Located within Huntington, Indiana, Huntington University was constructed via an unsolicited proposal given by the Huntington Land Association. The association donated a building, campus grounds and operational funds in exchange for the Church’s assistance in operating and equipping the college as well as selling off parcels of land in surrounding areas. Reverend Wright laid the first cornerstone of the first campus building in August of 1896 and offered a dedication prayer one year later. As a private, Christian liberal arts school affiliated with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, the college assumed the name the name Huntington College in 1917. The college offers a combination of spiritual and educational training to students with over 70 academic fields. Huntington is primarily an undergraduate institution which offers associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees through on campus instruction and online programs. Huntington offers some of the best online undergraduate programs for business administration, ministry, and management degrees. Huntington is world renown for it’s EXCEL program, a variety of courses geared toward online adult accelerated degrees. Additionally, Huntington offers partial online degrees in education and youth ministry. All EXCEL programs are geared toward developing research skills, professional writing skills, oral presentation skills, provides work or community service based experience, and prepare students for graduate school.

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10. University of Minnesota at Crookston

The University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) is a four year university located near Crookston, Minnesota. Founded by the Minnesota legislature in 1895, $30,000 experimental research farms were established at Morris and Crookston. During the same year, the Great Northern Railway gave the university 476 acres where the Northwest Experiment Station was constructed. Within ten years, the Minnesota legislature appropriated $15,000 of funds for the university to construct the Northwest School of Agriculture, a regional residential high school. In 1906 the high school enrolled its first students and provided “the technical and practical business of agriculture and the art of homemaking” to local students. To allow farm students to return to work on farms, the school was accommodating with classes beginning in October and culminating in March. The school continued to function as a high school until 1963 when the University of Minnesota Bureau of Field Studies recognized a regional need for higher education. Within three years, the University of Minnesota Technical Institute enrolled 187 students upon receiving approval for awarding associate degrees. The school and institute shared the grounds of the campus and in 1968, with 5,433 students graduating from the high school, the college became the official coordinate campus of the University of Minnesota and was renamed the University of Minnesota Technical College. The college expanded to enrolling over 1,000 students by 1977 and offered degrees in agriculture, business, home and family services, and hotel, restaurant, and institutional management. During 1988, the school officially changed its name to the University of Minnesota, Crookston. Within 5 years, the university awarded bachelor degrees and began it’s Laptop U program which provided students and staff with laptop computers, gaining international attention with a “fully ubiquitous” campus which many colleges modeled. Presently, the University of Minnesota, Crookston has 1,450 undergraduate students and is one of 5 campuses within the University of Minnesota’s educational system. One of the best online degree programs for individuals pursuing a degree in business administration can be found at the University of Minnesota, Crooksston . The university offers online students theory based studies combined with hands on experience while instilling marketing, management, communication, and computer technology training necessary for future careers. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and belongs to the North Central Association as a member to deliver a quality educational experience.

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And that concludes our list of the 10 best online colleges for business administration degrees. Any of the ten schools above are a solid choice for your distance learning education.

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