Entrepreneurial Management Degrees

What Students Learn With An Online Entrepreneurial Management Degree

Obtaining a degree in entrepreneurial management is the first step for individuals who would like to operate their own business and be their own boss. As many individuals balance work and family responsibilities, many colleges and universities have developed online degree programs to extend learning beyond on campus settings. Online entrepreneurial management degrees allow students many of the same educational experiences as their traditional, brick and mortar counterparts with the added benefit of more flexible course scheduling.

Recommended Entrepreneurial Management Degree Programs

Students who enroll in online entrepreneurial management degree programs are provided with the same materials, instruction, and opportunities as their brick and mortar, on campus counterparts. Online entrepreneurial management degree programs offer students the training and experience necessary for personal, educational, and career success. Core courses include: business management, innovation, finance, business strategy, research methods, budgeting and financial forecasting, e-Commerce for small businesses, human resources management, leadership, and psychology with additional courses in specialty fields of business, international business, or software development.

Online entrepreneurial management degree programs give students the knowledge and information to begin, plan, fund, and maintain operations of a business. Graduates gain the technological skills necessary to operate computers or even design websites, perform bookkeeping, find and retain good employees, and fulfill management and decision making skills necessary for strategic thinking and problem solving employment within their own business or for larger corporations.

Prospective Jobs For Graduates With Entrepreneurial Management Degrees

Graduates who complete an entrepreneurial management degree program have many career options. As an entrepreneurial management degree is flexible, many graduates may gain employment depending upon field of specialty and sector of interest. Graduates who obtain an entrepreneurial management degree may gain employment in human resources, information technology, marketing, or finance until they acquire the work experience and funding necessary to begin their own business. Other graduates may advance to higher degree programs, obtain an MBA, and work as upper level executives.

Salary Range For Graduates With Entrepreneurial Management Degrees

Salary for graduates with an entrepreneurial management degree depends upon an individuals experience, training, and organization of employment. Generally graduates who gain employment within an existing business or corporation have a much more stable salary in comparison to those who must attract investors while starting and managing their own businesses. Competition for positions within existing businesses is expected to be high as many qualified graduates compete for a limited number of jobs in what is expected to be a slow growing industry.

Salary levels for graduates with an entrepreneurial management degree vary significantly and are largely dependent upon training level, length of service, level of job responsibilities, and the size, sector, and geographic location of the business, firm, or government agency Many top executives earn over six figures as, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), many entrepreneurs and CEO’s are the highest paid workers in the country. The BLS reported that during 2008, most general operations managers earned a median annual salary ranging from $62,900 to $137,020, with the lowest earning $41,910 and the highest earning over $137,020.

Career Outlook And Advancement For Graduates With Entrepreneurial Management Degrees

Graduates with an entrepreneurial management degree may find the most rewarding and stable careers in fast growing industries like technology and medicine. The BLS reports that because some business ventures are not successful, job stability is difficult to adequately measure and report. Additionally, since most jobs for graduates with entrepreneurial management degrees vary significantly due to the industry of employment, predicting and report job stability is increasingly difficult. Many graduates secure the success of their future career by continuing education and obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. MBAs allow individuals the opportunities to expand marketing, entrepreneurship, and general business background to advance educational, personal, and career goals.

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