Accounting Degrees

The Advantages To Earning An Online Accounting Degree

An accounting degree is a frequently sought after and flexible foundation offering students many opportunities to base future careers upon. Accounting degrees are offered through traditional, brick and mortar colleges and universities as well as online degree programs. Students interested in a career as accountants need to be inherently detail oriented, analytical, and have strong math skills in order to be competent in their careers .Students pursuing an accounting degree learn the knowledge necessary to perform as professionals in the industry, prepare and analyze financial data to increase profits, and maximize the potential of businesses. In addition to knowledge gained from degree programs, students interested in a career as accountants need to be inherently detail oriented, analytical, and have strong math skills in order to be competent in their careers. Pursuing an online accounting degree is perhaps the best route to achieve educational or career goals for those who can not attend on campus instruction or for those who are shy or introverted. Online courses generally include groups of 25 students who participate in online instruction, seminars, and one on one conversations via internet chat with instructors and other students.

What Online Accounting Students Learn Through Online Degree Programs

Online accounting degrees offer virtually identical instruction as traditional, on campus courses with an additional level of scheduling flexibility. All accounting degree programs offer students the knowledge necessary to find employment in both the public and private sectors of the accounting field. Many universities and colleges have recognized an increase in student interest within the accounting discipline and have responded by developing curricula geared toward the most innovative advances in the field. Most colleges and universities have also recognized the growing interest of online accounting degree programs allowing students with career or family responsibilities the option of gaining a degree with a flexibility of scheduling minus the vexation of attending on-campus classes. Most online degree programs offer an educational experience equal to an on-campus experience with nearly the same materials, instruction, and opportunities. Online accounting programs offer the same advantages as courses held at traditional, brick and mortar campuses. Courses in accounting programs generally include: finance, taxation, economics, business law, ethics, technology, and account management prepare students for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA)exam. Successful completion of the CPA exam is necessary for qualification of employment as an accountant.

Prospective Jobs For Accounting Degree Graduates

Individuals who successfully complete accounting degree programs often find the opportunity to qualify for a wide variety of public and private sector jobs within the field of accounting. After graduates are CPA certified, they are eligible for employment by opening their own businesses, or work corporations, organizations, or governmental institutions (like the IRS). Accountants perform a wide range of responsibilities dependent upon the sector of employment. Many accountants manage the accounts and taxes of their clients, manage accounts, work as auditors, and maintain the financial records of expenses and income. Accountants may work within four areas of specialty: as public accountants who do consulting work for many different companies; as management accountants who work for one company and monitor earnings and expenditures; as internal auditors who check and monitor a company’s financial records and spending; or as governmental accountants and auditors who check and monitor governmental accounts and accounts of those in business with governmental agencies. Accountants often work a minimum of 40 hours per week in an office setting. Many work longer hours during tax season (annually from January to April).

Salary Range For Graduates With An Accounting Degree

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that graduates who earn an accounting degree may expect continued job security in the foreseeable future. The field of accounting is expected to grow significantly as businesses globalize and worldwide economies improve. As financial laws are consistently changing to provide more accountability and transparency to shareholders, job opportunities for qualified accounting professionals are expected to be promising. The BLS reports that the median annual salary of accountants and auditors during May 2008 is $59,430 annually. Graduates with CPA certification and those who gain work experience or additional education in the form of graduate level degrees may find increased employment opportunities and increased potential for higher salaries ranging from $78,210 to $102,380 annually. Less than 10 percent of accountants earn below $36,720 annually.

Career Advancement For Graduates With An Accounting Degree

An accounting degree offers individuals the ability to meet professional and personal goals for long term career success. As the demand for professional accountants increases with both public and private organizations, individuals with accounting degrees have many opportunities for occupational mobility in terms of promotions and advancement. Public accountants just beginning their careers often advance to jobs requiring additional responsibility within a year or two of employment and are promoted to senior positions after less than 5 years. Many accountants work to upper level positions within an organization. These accountants are promoted to supervisory, managerial, or partnership positions within a business after attaining necessary work and educational experience in accounting, internal auditing, or finance. Some accountants after acquiring adequate training, experience, and finances open a public accounting firm. As with most occupations, accountants who continue their education and complete any necessary certification, seminars, and training experiences often demonstrate their capabilities and attain higher level positions within businesses.

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