Business Administration Degrees

Advantage To Earning An Online Business Administration Degree

A degree in business administration is one of the most multifaceted, adaptable degrees awarded by traditional or online colleges and universities. A degree in business administration provides students with the knowledge necessary to maintain efficiently operate virtually any business.

Most colleges and universities extend business administration programs to online studies allowing students with work or family responsibilities the opportunity to advance personal, educational, and professional goals from virtually any location. Most online business administration programs offer students nearly equivalent instruction, materials, and opportunities as on campus counterparts. Online degree programs are often the best choice for students with jobs or families which make attending on campus courses difficult. Online degree programs consist of seminars, instruction, and one on one internet chats with professors and other students to advance educational experiences and obtain degrees with the added bonus of a more flexible class schedule.

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What Student Learn Within An Online Business Administration Degree Program

Online business administration degree programs instill the knowledge and training necessary for individuals to maximize efficiency and productivity while managing the daily operations of a business, corporation, or agency. Students enrolled in an online business administration degree program participate in courses like: management, human resources, organizational behavior, advertising, finance, accounting, business law, ethics, marketing, business writing, and computer science at a bachelor degree level.

Students who choose to attain a master’s in business administration participate in courses like: accounting, management information systems, business finance, business law, business writing, human resource management, marketing, logistics and supply chain management, operations research methods, statistics, experimental design, inventory management, organizational behavior, and quality control for management. All business administration degree programs allow students to specialize training in finance, marketing, computer science or other aspects of business, to meet educational, professional, or career goals. Graduates may enter the work force with the knowledge and training necessary to oversee operations of the increasingly complex aspects of businesses.

Prospective Jobs For Graduates With Business Administration Degrees

A business administration degree is flexible and versatile, allowing graduates a unique ability to find employment in multiple sectors of the economy including education, government, private business, and retail. A business administration degree provides graduates with solid educational foundation necessary for lucrative careers Many students specialize their degrees in various fields to increase their chances of employment, expand educational training, and advance career goals. A business administration degree often qualifies graduates with the ability to work as accountants, administrative executives, bankers, chief executive officers, city managers, controllers, consultants, directors, human resource managers, public relations specialists, retail managers, school administrators, department store managers, and various other positions depending upon degree held and related work experience.

Salary Range For Graduates With Business Administration Degrees

Graduates with business administration degrees earn salaries dependent upon training level, work experience, areas of specialty, and organization of employment. Prospective jobs and earnings varies significantly though moderate growth in the field is predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Facility management and administrative services management sectors are anticipated to have the strongest career and earnings opportunities. Business administration graduates with entry level positions may earn a median annual wage ranging from $52,240 to $98,980, with the lowest salaries less than $37,430 and the highest salaries more than $129,770 per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Outlook And Advancement Opportunities For Graduates With Business Administration Degrees

Graduates who earn a business administration degree are expected to have moderate job prospects with opportunities for advancement. The U.S bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts business sectors will increase by 23.3 percent until 2016. This increase could potentially create 4.1 million jobs for individuals with business administration degree graduates. The National Center for Education Statistics revealed details of a 2006-07 study stating that an overwhelming 22 percent of the 1.5 million awarded bachelor degrees were in the business discipline. This indicates a competitive environment for business administration graduates without advanced degrees or relative work experience. Steady growth in the fields of facility management and administrative services are predicted during the foreseeable future with stable growth expected in environmentally friendly, “green” businesses, waste management companies, and employment services until 2018.

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