The 10 Best Pre Med Schools

As a pre med student, there are many schools out there vying for your time, attention and money. Choosing the correct pre med program and school is of the utmost importance for the future of your education and your career.

When looking for a school offering a pre med program it is important to pick one that meets all of your personal criteria for such a program, and there are a plethora of variables to consider. Of course, some schools offer greater or more benefits than others, from lower tuition to on-campus housing to hands on experience even early on in the student’s education. Below is a discussion of some of the best pre med programs available in the United States of America, designed to help you pick from the top ten pre med programs offered at universities today.

10. School of Medicine at Yale University

Rated the #7 school in the country for medical students, the School of Medicine at Yale University has a strong pre med program. The school has over 50 medical student organizations to join, heavy involvement in community services, and a student run free clinic. Throughout the year, Yale hosts a handful of public speakers to give practical insight into the medical field. Full time tuition costs around $47,650 and the school has a great ratio of staff and teachers to students.

9. Vanderbilt University

This Kentucky school offers not only one of the best pre med programs around, but the school itself is one of the top in the country, ranked at #17 of all universities in the US. Tuition is only $41,300, and like other schools on this list the university has a great teacher-to-student ratio. In addition to focusing on the core science courses that one might expect from a medical school, Vanderbilt puts a great emphasis on cultural understanding and communication. The first two years at Vanderbilt include a self-directed program designed to help students examine what sort of doctor they would like to be and requires the completion of a project. Students are placed into four advisory colleges, which help to foster a sense of community and further aid the student in enriching himself both academically and on a personal level.

8. University of Michigan

Located in beautiful Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan has a tuition cost of $46,226 for those that don’t live in the state, and an in-state tuition of $28,902. This university has a lower teacher-to-student ratio than many other schools on this list, but still manages to have an excellent pre med program. The University of Michigan offers great hands-on experience for its students; medical students see their first patients within their first semester, giving that ever-so-important real world experience. The University of Michigan is the 29th highest ranked university in the US.

7. New York University School of Medicine

With a tuition of $43,602 and courses offering all of the required classes to qualify for pre med schooling, New York University is a great school for those that want to get all of their pre med education in one place. Highly ranked programs in the university include those for drug and alcohol treatment as well as a focus on AIDS. New York University is ranked at #32 of the best schools in the country.

6. Duke University School of Medicine

With a ranking of #6 in national universities, Duke University is another excellent choice for pre med students. Tuition at Duke is $46,261 and the application deadline is November 1st. While completing the program still takes the traditional four years, class training is condensed into the first three years, with the final year designed to help students tailor their education to their personal tastes with the rotation of various electives. Full time students can apply to live on campus, though foreign students enrolling in a university outside of their home country for the first time are given priority for student housing. Duke offers 30 groups that students can join up for various research projects.

5. University of California Los Angeles

UCLA is ranked #24 in national universities and has a tuition of $32,781 for those living in state and a $45,026 for those living out of state. For pre med students, the curriculum is divided into three parts; Human Biology and Disease, 4th Year Colleges and Core Clinical Clerkship. In addition to serious study, there are ample fun opportunities to take a break from studying and coursework, including an annual student talent show.

4. Stanford University School of Medicine

A great choice for those living on the West Coast, Stanford University offers an extensive program that will allow students to meet all pre med requirements. Tuition to Stanford is $45,744 and the school is highly ranked among American universities. In 2011, approximately 60% of Stanford students applying for their residencies got approved for their first choice. Additionally, the unique curriculum at Stanford lets students get more in-depth education in various electives such as bioengineering or clinical research, making for an excellent addition to the core science courses that all pre med students are required to take. To facilitate and encourage student research and community, Stanford offers 40 student organizations and over 140 university centers and programs. The interview process at Standford is likewise rather unique; instead of the traditional process, students instead have 10 eight-minute interviews, with short breaks in between.

3. Harvard University School of Medicine

As the #1 ranked university in the US, it comes as no surprise that Harvard also has one of the top pre med programs available. For the first two years of the pre med program, students do not receive traditional grades, instead receiving merely Pass/Fail designations. For those that seek a traditional curriculum, one which was designed in the late 1800s, Harvard is a great choice. Students are divided into four different academic groups, which allow for a unique facility supervised, team-based study system. There are over 20 affiliated facilities in Boston at which clinicals for students can be completed, Students living on-campus share a residence hall. Harvard boasts many prestigious alumni.

2. John Hopkins University

Ranked at #13 among American universities, John Hopkins is considered by many to have one of the top pre med programs available. In addition to serious study that pairs learning with practical clinical experience, students at John Hopkins also have a lot of fun throughout the year, including an annual kickball day and a tug-of-war competition. Students are divided into four distinct colleges in an effort by the school to foster a sort of community feel. The school is also well known for its support for students, supplying guides to help with every step of the process, from research participation to course selection. Tuition at John Hopkins is $42,600.

1. Cornell University

Cornell University is rated the #15 college in the United States and offers a top notch pre med program. The fact that Cornell’s tuition is lower at $46,001 than many on this list without compromising the quality of education gained is but one of the reasons it sits at the top of the list. In addition, the college gives the opportunity for early “hands on” experience in the medical field letting students spend one day a week in a doctor’s office via the university’s Medicine, Patients, and Society course, giving those students the ability to experience what it’s like to work in a functioning medical office.

As if these facts were not enough to make the university the creme de la creme of this list, it is also conveniently located in New York’s “science corridor” and has associations with some of the top medical facilities in the area. Additionally, those who are accepted into the program are guaranteed housing in Manhattan on the East Side, either in dorms or apartments making the often stressful and confusing process of finding housing much easier to deal with.

With such excellent perks and opportunities, it’s easy to see why Cornell University is at the top of this list!

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